Employee Embodiment of CMA Core Values

creative marketing alliance core valuesTo run a successful business, there a few core components business leaders must promote unto the company. These aspects include a vision, brand, culture, core focus and core values. While understanding that employees are the oil that allows the company to run smoothly, the most important aspect to develop is often core values. It is vital to foster and develop the staff to embody the company’s core values as to support the foundation of the company’s overall vision.

The core values of a company depend upon the nature of the industry, leadership style, tone and manner of the business. As Creative Marketing Alliance is a full service marketing firm with a bottom-up management style aimed at cultivating a quality-driven, open environment, the core values are strongly lived-by and instilled upon each CMA team member.

A closer look at CMA’s core values.

  1. We are passionate about servicing our clients above all else.
  2. We radiate positive energy.
  3. We energize others.
  4. We take ownership of resolving issues objectively and in a timely manner.
  5. We are flexible and have the edge to implement change.
  6. We are successful because we are willing to prepare for the journey.

To achieve, maintain and grow CMA’s core values to lay the foundation of the company, it is important to evaluate both technical skill sets and personality traits during a new hire interview. Personality will not only determine if he or she will get along with his cohorts, but will prove whether or not he will be able to personify CMA’s core values moving forward. Furthermore, through continued development, assessment and feedback, employees not only grow individually, but alongside the company. Lastly, instilling the understanding that change is inevitable in business, and that to be successful we must be able and willing to adapt to the industry, is a vital element to staff success.

If staff is the oil to a company, a core value is the engine itself.

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