New Year’s Resolution: Maintain Relationships with Customers

New Year's Message Jeff's BlogEstablishing trusting and authentic one-on-one relationships with each customer is crucial when involved in business.

With the convenience and accessibility of social media and mass technology, we sometimes fall short in maintaining great personal relationships with our clients.

At CMA, we take client passion seriously and are committed to the relationships and service we provide to our partners.

Here are some tips for ways you can maintain relationships with customers in 2016:
Make it personal  

Everything in business doesn’t need to be a pitch of what you can do, that will come. Taking the time to get to know your client’s story is important in making the interaction more personal. It is also valuable to explain who you are and your interests. This will help cultivate a better connection and trust with a client.   

Learn their craft

It isn’t enough to just be able to recognize what they do. To establish a better relationship with customers and their field, do your homework. Follow updates in their organization and stay on top of trends in their industry. This is important ensuring the best service and showing the client you care.

Make every client feel special

Go the extra mile to provide them with the best relationship you can while offering the service they deserve. By showing them you are a resource and willing to help always, you are creating a trusting relationship with your customers. Happy clients, who trust and understand you, will reciprocate the kindness by telling everyone they know about your service.

The Golden Rule Applies

Mom always said: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated,” and this applies to business! Remember to always provide the same respect and care when you serve your clients.

Simply put, relationships with clients are important and are the foundation of your business’ function, so remember to make them a priority!

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from the CMA Crew!

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